Welcome to the Red Brick

Welcome, reader, to the Red Brick, the official blog of Floodwall Magazine. Floodwall is the new literary journal of the University of North Dakota, and is managed and edited by the graduate students of the department of English. The first issue is in the works and will launch early next year, and a print edition will accompany the University of North Dakota’s annual Writers Conference.

The objective of this blog is to balance the scope of the journal–while Floodwall is a national journal that accepts submissions from outside the university, the content of Red Brick is produced by students within the UND English program. The blog will be dedicated to news surrounding the journal and developing discussions about literature from all angles, including Red Brick Recommended Reads and interviews with up-and-coming writers. Stay tuned.

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One comment on “Welcome to the Red Brick

  1. Otis Haschemeyer says:

    Hey–this is a nice feature. Can readers make recommendations? Also, ditto on Pugilist at Rest. What a great collection. If you are looking at old-timey collections, look at Ian McEwan’s First Love Last Rights–before he made the big time.

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