change machine

David James Keaton

She reached down to scrape the gum off again, and I guess I pushed her harder than I meant to. She stood back up and blinked in shock as I stepped in front of her to protect them. Then she shook her head, grabbed her shoe that had slipped off, and crashed out the door. Then the next door. I didn’t follow her to the car. I was disappointed we hadn’t been arguing in the bathroom. Whenever our fights started there, I’d get to hear her slam three doors on the way out. That’s the record. You can’t slam any more doors on your way out than three no matter where you are. Any house or apartment gets three slams maximum, a room in a room in a room. It doesn’t seem like nearly enough…

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One comment on “change machine

  1. Cloverballs says:

    bananacars are weird.

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